Dewy Hours Exfoliating Mitt

  • Dewy Hours Exfoliating Mitt

Effortlessly sweep away your dead skin and impurities with our viral Exfoliating Body Glove, revealing the softest and smoothest skin you ever had! Handcrafted with 100% biodegradable plant-derived viscose, our glove gently, painlessly and deeply exfoliates your skin with just water, targeting skin concerns such as flaky skin, KP, ingrown hairs. Grab this reusable and eco-friendly tool today and your skin will thank you later!

•Be extra gentle on sensitive areas and do not scrub over open cuts, sunburns, inflamed areas and active acne
•Redness is normal as the glove is stimulating blood circulation
•Do not overly apply pressure or scrub excessively over the same area
•Visible peeling depends on skin type and is not guaranteed. Please note that your skin is being exfoliated regardless of peeling. Dry skin tends to peel more than oily skin, and peeling will be less visible with regular exfoliation


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